This page covers the installation of DipDup in different environments.

Host requirements

A Linux/MacOS environment with Python 3.10 installed is required to use DipDup. Other UNIX-like systems should work but are not supported officially.

Minimum hardware requirements are 256 MB RAM, 1 CPU core, and some disk space for the database. RAM requirements increase with the number of indexes.

Non-UNIX environments

DipDup currently doesn't work in Windows environments due to incompatibilities in libraries it depends on. Please use WSL or Docker.

We aim to improve cross-platform compatibility in future releases (issue).


Local installation

You can initialize a hello-world project interactively by choosing configuration options in the terminal. The following command will install cookiecutter and create a new project in the current directory.

python -c "$(curl -sSL"


We advise using the Poetry package manager for new projects. However, it's not a requirement. If you prefer pdb, piptools, pipenv or other tools — use them instead.

# Create a new project
mkdir my-indexer; cd my-indexer
poetry init --python ">=3.10,<3.11"
# Add dipdup as a dependency
poetry add dipdup
# Enter the virtualenv
poetry shell



Create a new virtual environment and install DipDup in it.

python -m venv .venv
source .venv/bin/activate
pip install dipdup


See 5.2. Running in Docker page.