Built with DipDup

This page is a brief overview of projects which use DipDup as an indexing solution.

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Homepage | API | GitHub

HicDEX is a Tezos indexer for hicetnunc.art marketplace. Indexed data is available with a public GraphQL endpoint.


Homepage | GitHub

Homebase is a web application that enables users to create and manage/use DAOs on the Tezos blockchain. This application aims to help empower community members and developers to launch and participate in Tezos-based DAOs.

Tezos Profiles

Homepage | API | GitHub

Tezos Profiles enables you to associate your online identity with your Tezos account.


Homepage | API | GitHub

Juster is an on-chain smart contract platform allowing users to take part in an automated betting market by creating events, providing liquidity to them, and making bets.


Homepage | API | GitHub

A Virtual World and NFT Marketplace.