Internal models

dipdup.models.Schemadipdup_schemaHash of database schema to detect changes that require reindexing.
dipdup.models.Indexdipdup_indexIndexing status, level of the latest processed block, template, and template values if applicable. Relates to Head when status is REALTIME (see dipdup.models.IndexStatus for possible values of status field)
dipdup.models.Headdipdup_headThe latest block received by a datasource from a WebSocket connection.
dipdup.models.Contractdipdup_contractNothing useful for us humans. It helps DipDup to keep track of dynamically spawned contracts. A Contract with the same name from the config takes priority over one from this table if {any, exists, provided?}.

With the help of these tables, you can set up monitoring of DipDup deployment to know when something goes wrong:

SELECT NOW() - timestamp FROM dipdup_head;